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"A sober life began for me during my stay at Thornbury Farmhouse.  The wide range of volunteer opportunities, group therapies and sober women activities helped changed my behaviors from an addict/alcoholic to a sober woman.   I was able to explore real life situations and acquire tools that prepared me for living successfully on my own."

LeeAnn A (PA)

"Amy treated my daughter with respect and kindness, while holding her accountable to the rules and schedules of the program.  The combination of individual and group therapy, weekly check-ins with Amy, and house responsibilities were all keys to her success.  The female therapist assigned to my daughter was amazing.  Both of them have kept in touch with her. I am lucky to have developed a friendship with her as well. She has helped take some of my motherly fear away now that my daughter is living on her own.  I am very thankful that our family chose Thornbury Farm House."  Betsy L. (Ohio)

The road to sobriety is a hard one. Whether it be yourself, or someone you love.... In my case, it was my daughter. I must say that my interaction with Amy, and ultimately my daughters stay at Thornbury Farms, was a very special one. The care and compassion was within itself, a comforting experience. Her stay was 6 months. Although we can never put a time limit on sobriety, in those months the changes were definitely for the better. As a parent, I was immediately taken in with the atmosphere and country setting provided to assist in her journey... I knew she was in good hands. Thank you Amy, and all the staff at Thornbury. I am so grateful to have found your facility.  Bob C. (Pa)

The serene grounds, peaceful accommodations, and warm hospitality of the Thornbury Farmhouse served as the perfect atmosphere for my mom to confront the reality of what sober living truly meant for her. Throughout my mom’s stay at Thornbury Farmhouse, she developed important skills and relationships to address habits that previously led to brokenness. This transformation unlocked my moms potential and joyful outlook on life. I am so thankful my mom found her way to Thornbury Farmhouse. 

Thank you for all you’ve done for my mom!

Sean A.

I came to Thornbury during the one of the most scary and vulnerable times ever. Freshly clean and sober, I was unsatisfied with everything and anymore change was not something I wanted to do. Even though I could not see it at the time, I see now that Thornbury was exactly what I needed and taught me so much. I am so appreciative of everything that Amy, the house managers, and counselors do for the girls there. The programming style is amazing. The counselors are phenomenal. It is the perfect transition from inpatient rehab. Just the right amount of structure yet freedom into getting accustomed into a new lifestyle. I have since left Thornbury and stayed sober since; with over a year, I can say it would not be possible without Thornbury.         Sami B (PA)

 I’m so full of love and gratitude. Today is a year sober for me and I never thought I would reach this point.. without you I would have never found myself and grown as much as I have the past 2 years. I am more grateful for you than you will ever know and your selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed. What you do for people is amazing and you have helped me completely turn my life around. I never thought I could be this myself and this happy. I love you endlessly. Thank you x a-million for everything. Here’s to another year.

Anna L (Ohio)


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