Responsible Concern

and Support GROUP


  • Weekly group where residents share from two perspectives:
                Issues that the individual resident identifies and areas she
                needs support from housemates in order to stay sober
                Issues that other residents have identified as concerns for individual residents
  • The sharing is encouraged to be open and honest and the overall purpose of the group is to create practice building skills in asking for and accepting support of others in recovery.
  • The group is intended to keep the community within the house healthy and focused on recovery knowing that when support is needed it is there, and when others are concerned about other housemates’ behavior, attitude and recovery status, there is a forum for expressing concerns as they relate to the individual members and community as a whole.
  • The group is also intended to build within each member an attitude of taking responsibility for identifying needs for support, and for cooperating in creating a supportive recovery living environment. Each person is accountable for her participation in the health of her own recovery and the community in the house’s health.​​