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Dr David Clements IV


Are you looking for a new way towards health and happiness? Dr Clements offers data driven, cutting edge, evidence based care. He is a general adult psychiatrist with fellowship specialization in addiction psychiatry, providing medication management and psychotherapy. He also offers medication assisted treatment of addictions, genetic testing, biofeedback, and mindfulness based therapy approaches.

Each resident coming to Thornbury is referred to a psychiatrist to manage medications and to continue the care given in their treatment centers. Dr Clements works with an incoming resident's current therapist and treatment center to assess that Thornbury is the proper level of care and that a smooth transition is possible. Each resident that chooses to see him will have an appointment within a day or two of their arrival. He is easily accessible for the women if they need to reach him and he is available for any crisis management should it arise. Dr Clements will also work with the resident as their individual therapist if they choose.

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