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Q.  How much does the program cost?

A.  The first three months are $14,400 and includes everything on the Our Program page.

     After three months the fees will change to a month to month fee.  The price may be                    adjusted at that time based on individualized programming needs. 

Q.  What happens after the first three months.?

A.  At that time your program will become individualized; your external treatment team will         design what that looks like per individual case.  Building more responsibility into your               program will begin at this time.   


Q.  Can I get a job?

A.  After IOP is completed, residents may find alternative employment outside of the the farm

Q.  Do I cook my own meals?

A.  Each woman is responsible for preparing their breakfast and lunch.  For Dinner, residents            take turns cooking for the Thornbury Farm House community.

Q.  Am I responsible for cleaning the house?

A.  Each resident has a weekly chore and on Saturdays a deep clean is performed by all of the        house.

Q.  Can I have my car?

A.  After IOP is completed, if your treatment team feels you are ready for the next step in responsibility, you may have your car and drive on the buddy system.

Q.  If I don't have a car is transportation provided?

A.  Yes. Thornbury provides transportation to anything that is program related. Appointments and work transportation is the responsibility of the resident.

Q.  Can I have my cell phone?

A.  Yes.  After the first week of blackout, you may have your cell phone.  There is a house phone as well.

Q.  Can I go back to school or go get my GED?

A.  Yes, there are several educational institutions nearby where you will be able to take classes,

     go back to school or start your education from scratch.


Q.   Is there financing available if I can't afford the fee?

A.  Yes, offers financing for treatment facilities.

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